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All financial advice is important but advice at retirement is especially so. Pension freedoms have transformed the way pension pots can be accessed at retirement, and it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking retirement decisions can be made without financial advice.

You should consider taking specialist financial advice for the following reasons:

  • There are many different pension options and retirement solutions.
  • It involves more longer-term planning than most other areas of advice.
  • You may have specific needs and objectives when you retire.
  • It is important to consider both the technical and behavioural aspects of retirement.

How Advisers Work

A financial adviser’s primary job is to make sure you make the right decisions and get the best outcome, whether that be the most appropriate income from your pension pot, or selecting the most suitable investments for your pension plan.

Although all advisers must follow the same rules for giving advice there is no set way of giving advice. However, specialist retirement advisers like Better Retirement have a step by step process that makes sure all the important issues are taken into account and the all the relevant options are explained.

The best decisions at retirement are made when you help your adviser by contributing to the advice process. The table below sets out a typical advice process and shows what we do and how you can play your part:

Advice process What advisers do How you can play your part
Initial meeting We will gain your confidence and trust by explaining the key issues Start gathering information about your pensions and personal finances
The Retirement Questionnaire We will get to know your circumstances and help you articulate your objectives You should answer as many questions as you can, especially about attitude to risk
The analysis, planning and risk profiling We use a range of financial tools such as cash flow and stochastic modelling to produce a retirement strategy The more information you provide about your retirement objectives, the better the analysis
Researching the market Our advisers research the market for best annuity or most suitable pension solution This is best left to advisers as they have the information and tools to research the market
Present solutions and agree advice recommendation We will present a range of options which may be suitable for you and will achieve a good outcome You should be involved in the decision process and are encouraged to ask questions if anything is not clear
Confirm advice and product solution as well as any investment advice Will produce a suitability letter and regulatory information, then arrange to implement advice and review regularly Make sure you are comfortable with the advice given and you understand the risks being taken


Many people are put off taking financial advice because they think it is complicated and expensive. Advice does not have to be complex and a really good adviser will be able to make the complexity seem simple.

Advice does not have to be expensive especially as viewed in terms of the ‘added value’. In most cases advisers will arrange a better solution than you can achieve yourself.

Finally, the value of advice should not be viewed simply in monetary terms. We place a lot of importance in providing ‘peace of mind and security’ in retirement. As many clients tell us, this is priceless!

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