New Emergency Financial Advice Website

The idea was the brainchild of Better Retirement’s Billy Burrows who has set up a new website called where people can ask a question or book a free call with a financial adviser. Better Retirement and The National Careline are one of over 50 financial advisers who are supporting the Emergency Financial Advice project […]

12 May 2020

Making your Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney during a Pandemic

Making your Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney during a Pandemic        Having legal documents such as Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney in place and up to date is good practice at any time.  With so much uncertainty and concern surrounding the current COVID-19 Pandemic, many of them are perhaps more aware of ensuring […]

06 May 2020

Why Financial Advice is so important

All financial advice is important but advice at retirement is probably the most important. Get good advice and your finances will be in good shape and you can look forward to a financially secure retirement with peace of mind and security. Why advice is important – You may be tempted to make your own decisions […]

11 November 2019

Annuities; legalised theft or best way to convert capital into income?

Annuities; legalised theft or best way to convert capital into income? We have been involved with annuities since they first became a topic of conversation almost 30 years ago. It is probably true to say that before 1990 hardly anyone knew much about annuities, but that all changed with the launch of specialist annuity brokers […]

28 August 2019

Value for Money

Advice fees – Value for money Talking fees with clients can be difficult. Some clients willing accept the fees whilst other clients challenge the proposed fees and want us to justify the fees for the advice we are giving. Therefore, I included a chapter on fees in my latest guide, Retirement Advice; art or science? […]

19 August 2019

Annuity or Drawdown? – that is the question

Annuity or Drawdown? – that is the question It doesn’t matter if you are looking to convert your pension pot into income, considering a DB transfer or running a drawdown plan, one the most questions in financial planning is whether to buy an annuity or invest in a drawdown plan. Before looking at this important […]

15 August 2019

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